Environmental Monitoring Solutions & Consulting specializes in providing air monitoring and consulting services for asbestos, mold and indoor air quality issues. EMS provides quality lab analysis to identify workplace environmental threats, indoor air quality testing and monitoring of airborne asbestos, mold, emissions testing and site remediation consultations.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions provides affordable services in the following air quality and environmental related fields:

  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Mould Testing
  • Occupational and Industrial Hygiene
  • Hazardous materials building assessments
  • Occupational Health and Safety inspections
  • Air Monitoring and Consulting for Asbestos Abatement and Disaster Restoration
  • Scope of Work Development for Demolition/Renovation/Disaster Restoration
  • Asbestos Management Services

EMS is licensed by the city of Edmonton to provide professional environmental, mold, asbestos and air quality testing services to the city of Edmonton and surrounding area.

Mold testing

Potentially toxic and/or allergenic mold can develop practically anyplace wet conditions exist, from a water-damaged ceiling to a moist wine cellar. It can cause genuine health issues from prolonged exposure, and if left alone can physically damage your property. EMS can detect mold before it impacts your home or workplace.
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Asbestos testing & abatement supervision

Asbestos is a dangerous material regulated by the federal government. Alberta Occupational Health and Safety has developed a strategy for mitigating the risks associated with asbestos abatement and now is the ideal time for a zero tolerance approach. Asbestos fibres have been directly connected to cancers of the lung and other respiratory illnesses that can be easily prevented. Call EMS and let our experienced inspectors handle your private or commercial asbestos testing.
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Indoor Air quality & related analytical services

EMS provides in-house analytical services for asbestos and mould and has a working relationship with laboratories, consultants and equipment suppliers from Edmonton, across Alberta, Western Canada and the United States. These working partnerships contribute to our multi-disciplinary approach and ensure that all of our asbestos, mold and air quality testing services are affordable and cost effective.
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Hazardous materials assessments

Hazardous materials can be found in a variety of common building materials and commercial solvents and compounds such as Asbestos, mercury, radioactive materials, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Creosote and mold. EMS has extensive experience conducting HAZMAT surveys which typically involve assessing and quantifying hazardous material on-site, and providing recommendations and management solutions.
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