Environmental Monitoring Solutions specializes in providing consulting and analytical services for a wide array of hazardous materials and indoor air quality issues. We offer affordable solutions for the hazardous materials abatement, insurance providers, and disaster restoration industies and have the expertise to provide solutions that meet the demands of residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Phase contrast microscope

Philosophy and Shared Values

We aim to contribute to each of our clients success through the application of thorough approaches, using well-established, researchbased occupational hygiene and environmental consulting processes and industry standard methodologies. We recognize that each client situation is unique and, therefore, we adapt our consulting approach accordingly.

  • We strive to uphold the image of the consulting profession, conducting our business in an ethical and professional manner in accordance with the guidelines outlined in Provincial, Federal and Municipal legislation and the OH&S Code.
  • Where we are responsible for provision of advice or other services to a client, we ascertain that the consulting personnel providing the service are fully competent to do so. If a substitution of personnel is necessary, a similar level of quality and qualification will be made.
  • We regularly undertake professional development activities that contribute to the skill and knowledge we possess in our area(s) of expertise.
  • We hold ourselves free of influence, interest, or relationship with respect to our clients’ affairs that might impair our professional judgment or objectivity and ensure client confidentiality.

Statement of Qualifications

Professional Services Profile

Our staff have expertise, training and experience in all aspects of occupational hygiene, including indoor air quality, environmental and worker exposure monitoring, hazardous materials abatement management, phase contrast and polarized light microscopy. This enables us to produce recommendations, plans, and solutions that are concise, sound, and ready to be implemented.

We are members of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and have maintained proficiency status in both the AIHA’s Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) Program for the Analysis of Fungal Air Samples, and Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (BAPAT) (Laboratory ID# 219139).

We are also members of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation and participants in the CALA´s Proficiency Program for the analysis of asbestos air samples (Laboratory ID # 4050).

Environmental Monitoring Solutions have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

We have expertise and knowledge in a variety of functions including:

  • Mould and Asbestos Testing
  • Hazardous Materials and Abatement Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Worker Exposure Assessments
  • Occupational and Industrial Hygiene and Related Analytical Services
  • Abatement and Remediation Scope of Work Development
  • Comprehensive understanding of OHS Code, Health Canada Guidelines and Provincial/Federal Legislation
  • Comprehensive understanding of building sciences, ventilation systems and industrial processes

Selected Clients

We have successfully completed over 2000 occupational hygiene consulting and environmental services projects for Federal, Provincial and Municipal government departments, property management companies, insurance providers, school divisions, homeowners, construction and infill companies in the Province of Alberta and British Columbia.

Some notable clients would include the Government of Canada, Alberta Infrastructure, The City of Edmonton, The City of Spruce Grove, Alberta Health Services, Northlands School Division, Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, St Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic School Division , Grande Yellowhead School Division, Ipex Inc., PCL Construction, Clark Builders and dozens more. A summary of notable consulting projects are provided on the next page.

Our Team

Chad McFadyen EP.
Manager, Occupational Hygiene

Mr. McFadyen holds a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and has over 13 years experience in the field of occupational hygiene. He is a board-certified Environmental Professional (EP) through the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) and holds active membership with various industry-related associations, notably the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

Mike Roberts B.Sc.
Senior Environmental Consultant and Laboratory Analyst

Senior occupational hygiene consultant Mike Roberts holds a Bachelors’s degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta, and has over 17 years of experience in the environmental services industry. He has received formal training in asbestos identification and polarized light microscopy from the renowned McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.

Simon Fallon B.Sc. ROHT.
EHS Director

Mr Fallon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences from Concordia University of Edmonton. Having commenced his environmental services career in 2007, he has more than 15 years in the environmental services industry, specializing in the field of occupational hygiene. He is a board certified Occupational Hygiene Technologist (ROHT) with the Canadian Board of Registered Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) and has received formal training in forensic microscopy, indoor air quality and fungal identification from the renowned McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.

Jeffrey Crawford
Occupational Hygiene Technologist

Occupational hygiene technologist Jeffrey Crawford received an Occupational Health and Safety certificate from the University of Alberta and has over 9 years in the field of occupational hygiene. He is currently in the process of completing his Environmental Health diploma at the University of Alberta. He is also a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist.