Stachybotrys sp. mould spores
Analytical Services

In-house analytical services.

We offer cost effective in house analytical services for bulk asbestos identification, asbestos fibre counting, fungal air and surface sample analysis. Our analysts have received formal training in forensic microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, polarized light microscopy, fungal genus identification, and asbestos identification from the renowned McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.

Residential Analytical Services

Any material suspected of containing asbestos can be submitted for asbestos content analysis using polarized light microscopy. Sample analysis is conducted in accordance with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 9002 Methodology and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 600/R-93/116 test method for the identification of asbestos in building materials.

Commercial Analytical Testing

We also specialize in air sample/fibre count analysis in accordance with NIOSH 7400 A and B methodologies using phase-contrast microscopy (PCM).

Mould – Air Sample Analysis

We offer a microscopic analysis of all types of non-viable spore trap cassettes (including Allergenco-D, Zefon Air-O-Cel etc.)l using light microscopy and genus identification techniques. We also offer an analysis of viable culturable air samples and agar plates to the genus level.

Mould – Bulk/Surface Sample Analysis

If you suspect that mould is amplifying on building materials, a bulk material sample, tape lift, or surface swab can be submitted to our laboratory for analysis. Samples are analyzed to genus level using light microscopy or direct microscopic examination depending on the type of sample collected

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

We specialize in on-site asbestos testing, mould testing, allergen testing, and other air quality analytical services. A majority of our services focus on supporting environmental investigations related to indoor air quality, emissions testing, site remediation consultation and much more.
EMS has a working partnership with laboratories throughout the western Canadian region to ensure our services meet the specific demands of our clients.
We offer a wide range of quality lab analysis to help identify home and workplace environmental threats related to airborne asbestos, mould, lead, emissions, HAZMAT and site remediation.

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We are incorporated in the province of Alberta and, licensed by the city of Edmonton to provide a wide array of analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focusing on asbestos, microbiology, lead, environmental chemistry, and indoor air quality.

EMS is proud to deliver quality environmental testing services throughout Alberta, including Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and surrounding areas.

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