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Mould Testing

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Mould is a serious environmental health issue. Since toxic mould and can grow anywhere moist conditions exist – it can potentially damage your property. If left unresolved the presence of mould and bacteria (bioaerosols) in your daily environment may cause illness, infections and allergies. EMSC offers cost effective mould testing and monitoring designed to ensure your remediation, abatement, or renovation project is completed safely.

Why do Mould Testing

Testing Mold infected wood

Testing Mold infected wood

Mould growth can occur quickly after experiencing a flood, leaks or other forms of water infiltration. If mould growth is present workers/inhabitants may experience unexplainable forms of environmental sickness. Investigation should be undertaken to determine if an amplification site is present within the building and further air sampling should be undertaken to ensure that the indoor environment meets Health Canada Guidelines.

Testing for Actinolite/Tremolite series asbestos

Testing for Actinolite/Tremolite series asbestos

Mould is often toxic. The symptoms associated with it are commonly mistaken for everyday allergy symptoms such as:

  • Wheezing and shortness of breath
  • Respiratory infections
  • Asthma
  • Allergic reactions
  • Irritation of the ears, nose and throat

Residential Mould Testing

Toxic black mould may be growing in the damp surface areas of your home impacting your indoor air quality. Conditions are assisted by weather factors such as storms and flooding, which often result in mould developing in residential basements. Houses that previously harbored marijuana grow operations are also commonly contaminated with toxic mould. Residential mould inspections are the solution to helping you achieve a safe and healthy home. If you believe that you may have a mould problem in your home, then call today to schedule a residential mould testing appointment.

Commercial Mould Testing

One of the main factors in workplace air pollution is mould contamination. Fungal contamination can produce toxins that can raise costs by increasing employee absenteeism, turnover rates and health care costs. The benefits of a mould testing and detection service far outweigh the cost, since a “sick building” can cost your business its competitive edge. If you believe that you may have a mould problem at your business, then call today to schedule a commercial mould testing appointment.

Asbestos Abatement & Disaster Restoration

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Environmental Monitoring Solutions is a BBB accredited business with a sound reputation as a business leader. EMS specializes in the field of air monitoring and consulting support for the asbestos abatement and disaster restoration industries. EMS has extensive experience and insight into asbestos abatement and is proficient in all environmental and health and safety regulations for a wide variety of asbestos abatement applications.

Asbestos Abatement

Actinolite/Tremolite series Asbestos

Actinolite/Tremolite series Asbestos

Asbestos air monitoring is required on all removal of friable ACM‘s and although air monitoring is not always required for the removal of bonded asbestos; it is regarded as good occupational hygiene practice. Contractors violating construction asbestos abatement standards and regulations risk exposing the building owner and occupants to airborne asbestos. This can potentially contaminating the building and open you and your company to civil and criminal liabilities. By having trained and certified professionals on site performing construction monitoring and air sampling services, you can avoid fiscal risks and future liability. Asbestos air monitoring should be performed whenever ACM is being removed to ensure that control measures are effective.

Quality Solutions

Environmental Monitoring Solutions has extensive experience and insight in asbestos abatement and provide trained and certified consulting personnel – providing effective asbestos removal by providing exact risk assessments, accurate exposure controls, and efficient preparation and execution plans. As asbestos related employee health issues become more prevalent, EMS offers clients asbestos abatement solutions that can alleviate current and future health hazards for all employees.

Disaster Restoration

Environmental Monitoring Solutions‘s team of experts assist disaster restoration teams in identifying environmental problems related to losses from fires and flooding. By providing early environmental intervention, EMS’s team can save building owners and insurance carriers money from lost revenues and future claims.

EMS’s Disaster Recovery Support Services include:

  • Environmental Investigations
  • Microbiological Investigations
  • Identifying Existing and Potential Problems
  • Microbiological and Chemical Testing
  • Project Air Monitoring
  • Scope of Work for Mold Remediation