Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legally requires a third party consultant to conduct inspections and air sampling during all abatement work, to ensure that all work is conducted following Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. This strategy was developed to mitigate the risks associated with asbestos abatement and these fundamental procedures and protocol are to be followed to ensure that all asbestos abatement work is completed in the safest way possible. EMS offers a multitude of monitoring services for the asbestos abatement and disaster restoration industries.

Providing consulting Support for the Asbestos Abatement and Disaster Restoration Industries

Occupational Health and Safety Inspections

Occupational Health and Safety Officers conduct site inspections during abatement and remediation work to ensure the safety of the workers on site and the general public. These inspections utilize guidelines outlined in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety’s Asbestos Abatement Manual to ensure the protection of exposed workers and the general public during any asbestos abatement work. Failure to comply will result in written Occupational Health and Safety orders and can lead to lost time, complete site shut downs, and even financial penalties.

Asbestos Abatement Supervision

Environmental Monitoring Solutions offer a multitude of services to assist our clients in the monitoring management and supervision of all asbestos abatement and remediation work. Through background air sampling, pre-contamination inspections, daily site inspections and air sampling, final visual inspections and final air testing – EMS ensures that all asbestos abatement and remediation work be conducted following the procedures outlined in Provincial Legislation through stringent inspections and air sampling protocol.

Disaster Restoration

Environmental Monitoring Solutions offers a wide range of consulting services to assist in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of a variety of chemical, physical, biological and safety hazards during disaster restoration. Whether it is an industrial, commercial or institutional, we have the qualifications, experience and knowledge of regulatory requirements to assist you in reducing and managing OHS risks. EMS has extensive experience in creating practical solutions to help protect the health, safety and well being of your workers.