Environmental Monitoring Solutions specializes in on-site asbestos testing, mold testing, allergen testing, and other air quality analytical services.

A majority of our services focus on supporting environmental investigations related to indoor air quality, emissions testing, site remediation consultation and much more. EMS has a working partnership with laboratories throughout the western Canadian region to ensure our services meet the specific demands of our clients.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions offers a wide range of quality lab analysis to help identify home and workplace environmental threats related to airborne asbestos, mold, lead, emissions, HAZMAT and site remediation.

RCS Viable Mould Sampling

RCS Viable Mould Sampling

Commercial Analytical Services

Every business has the responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment in which to operate and to serve thier customers. Is there anything in the ground, air, water or inside the workplace that could affect both the health of your employees or your customers? How can you tell if your business has any potential environmental threats? EMS’s high quality lab analysis, environmental investigation and analytical services can help identify any workplace environmental issues or threats.

Residential Analytical Services

Due diligence is required when considering purchasing a property. Is there anything in the ground, air, water or inside the property that could affect your buying decision? That same responsibilty applies to homeowners – is your house providing a safe and healthy environment for you and your family to live in? EMS offers you peace of mind with highly qualified analytical services and environmental investigations to help locate any environmental issues or threats.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions is incorporated in the province of Alberta and is licensed by the city of Edmonton to provide a wide array of analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focusing on asbestos, microbiology, lead, environmental chemistry, and indoor air quality. EMS is proud to deliver quality environmental testing services throughout Alberta, including Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and surrounding areas. Environmental Monitoring Solutions