Environmental Monitoring Solutions is a BBB accredited environmental monitoring service, with a sound reputation as a business leader consulting on environmental and air quality monitoring.

Extensive environmental, air quality and Occupational Health and Safety consulting experience and utilizing years of practical experience, training and formal education enables EMS to provide recommendations, plans, and solutions that are comprehensive, fundamentally sound, and ready for implementation. Providing the Edmonton and surrounding area air sampling and consulting services for a wide array of hazardous materials and indoor air quality issues related to the asbestos abatement and disaster restoration industries.


Environmental Monitoring Solutions has a working relationship with laboratories, consultants and equipment suppliers from around Edmonton, across western Canada and the United States. These working partnerships contribute to our multi-disciplinary approach and ensure that all of our services are affordable, accurate and cost effective.

Certification and Experience

Lead Consultant Simon Fallon, holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences from Concordia University College of Alberta in Edmonton and is a board certified Registered Occupational Hygiene Technologist (ROHT) with the Canadian board of registered occupational hygienists (CBROH). Mr. Fallon is now a Certified Fungal Spore Analyst and Received training at the world renowned McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.

Mr. Fallon has extensive professional training and work experience related to mold, asbestos, hazardous materials abatement management, disaster restoration and environmental health and occupational safety practices. Over ten years of laboratory experience through University training and the practical application of microscopy as well as extensive NIOSH methodology training at the Golder Institute.

Actinolite Asbestos

Serving Edmonton and Area

Incorporated in the province of Alberta and licensed by the city of Edmonton to provide professional environmental and air quality services to the public in all aspects of occupational hygiene, environmental monitoring, Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Materials abatement management. Environmental monitoring services for asbestos abatement and disaster restoration industries include:

  • mold testing
  • asbestos testing
  • air quality monitoring
  • Occupational Health and Safety consulting