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Hazardous Materials Assessment Services

Hazardous materials and wastes or HAZMAT can be found in a variety common building materials. A hazardous materials assessment should be conducted to determine the likelihood of worker exposure to dangerous building materials. These materials consist of asbestos, mercury, lead, radioactive materials, PCB’s, creosote and many other potentially dangerous compounds. The management of Hazardous materials and wastes poses legal and fiscal challenges for those in the construction, real estate and property management fields.

Why do a hazardous materials assessment?

Hazardous materials are products of which the handling, storage, sale or disposal is regulated by one or more federal, provincial or municipal regulations. The key is knowing what materials must be handled and labeled to meet the regulations, how to protect workers and how to ensure operations meet appropriate regulations. Hazardous Materials Assessments are a tool designed to educate our clients and assist them in reducing the risks associated with environmental liabilities. HAZMAT Assessments are designed to assist In making informed decisions related to renovation or demolition work and to comply with regulatory requirements.

A hazardous materials assessment is normally required for:
Lead, Mould, PCB’s, CFC’s, Silica, Halons, Mercury, Asbestos, Cleaning Materials, Paints, Adhesives and Solvents, Man-made Mineral Fiber (MMMF) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

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EMS personnel have extensive expertise in Hazardous Materials management. Our personnel have undertaken hundreds of HAZMAT assessments and have expertise in scope of work development and work procedure creation. We will assist our clients in identifying, managing and mitigating the risks associated with Hazardous Materials. Through the implementation of thorough and practical approaches, we are committed to providing our clients with the information and guidance required to ensure cost effective and timely solutions for all Hazardous Materials issues.

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